SACK YOUR BOSS: The Ultimate Guide To Escape Your 9-5
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Have you reached that point in your job where you’re thinking ‘enough is enough’?

Will you look back at your life when you’re old and feel regret for the opportunities you let pass you by….the things you didn’t do?
in 2014 I reached a crossroads in my life where I knew that something needed to change. I’d spent successful years working in the music industry, but I no longer had the passion inside me like before. Like so many people who reach this crossroads in their career, it can be a scary place to be. Should you simply ‘play it safe’ and just hope things will work out OK in the end, or should you face your fears, buckle up…and take that leap of faith to do something truly meaningful with your life, and start the business that you’ve always dreamed of having?

That’s exactly what I did – and I’ve never looked back. In fact not only did I follow my own entrepreneurial desires, I’ve since worked with hundreds of other ‘#escapees’ – frustrated professionals who are ready to turn their ideas into a profitable business that they love, to do the same – by following a simple process which I call ‘The Five Step Freedom Formula™’.

“If you’re stuck in a job you no longer feel passionate about and don’t want to be sitting behind that same desk in 12 months time…then this book is a great step towards freedom”Gary Chappell, World Ambassador for The Napoleon Hill Foundation