‘As soon as Christian took to the stage it was clear that his enthusiasm for helping
others achieve their goals is what attracts people his way’ – Lex McKee

Christian Rodwell

During my keynote presentations it is my goal to inspire my audiences to take that ‘first step’: to overcome the fears that have been holding them back from doing something more meaningful with their life and pushing themselves to explore what more is possible. I share the journey which saw me navigate my way out of a job doing the one thing I had ever known, into a completely new career path, which saw me once again look to my passion to steer me forwards.

Drawing upon my own unique model for achieving clarity on what the right path is to pursue: The Five Step Freedom Formula, I am able to tailor my presentations around a number of critical areas for anyone wanting to start their own business, build wealth, and have a lot more fun in the process.

I’m often described as being an engaging and humorous speaker who oozes passion for helping others to discover their true vocation in life, and I hope that I can bring that enthusiasm to share with your audiences too.

At the age of 18 I decided to forfeit university and instead pursue my passion for all things related to electronic dance music. Through a simple strategy (which I still recommends today), I managed to get my foot in the door at Positiva Records (EMI), one of the most successful dance music labels in the world. Over the following four years I played my role in achieving 7 number one UK Top 40 Singles and 2 platinum selling albums for the label’s artists.

After a brief hiatus of travelling the world, I returned to the industry in a more senior role to steer Independent label, Cr2 Records to equal lofty status of the pursuing 8 years, up until deciding that ‘enough was enough’ in 2014, and embarking on a new ‘entrepreneurial’ chapter and Founding my company Rodwellbeing LTD.

In less than a year since stepping away from the ‘dog eat dog’ music industry, I had managed to transfer my skills of helping new artists get visibility and a foothold within the iTunes chart, to helping aspiring entrepreneurs getting clear about their true path in life. I quickly built a thriving community of over 1000 ‘#escapees’ who would meet at my monthly Escape The Rat Race [#ETRR] Meetup events – an opportunity for ‘frustrated employees’ to network and listen to successful business owners share their own stories of how they traversed the bridge between employee to entrepreneur.

Current Keynote Speaking Topics

– Why 80% of new businesses fail, and what you can do to dodge the statistics

– Start with ‘Why’ – the north pole that will keep you on track through those early rough patches

– What’s YOUR number? Most people don’t actually need to be a millionaire to be rich.

– What’s your genius? The 5 minute test to help you find your natural flow – Ideas are good. Now what are you gonna do about it?

– Assets Build Cash flow. There are only seven. How to pick your primary & secondary asset pillar.

– Finding your first customer…

– Money, money, money. How to make it.

– Actions speak louder than words. Just Do it.

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We have all had the feeling where nothing seems to go to plan, everything feels like hard work and life is an endless struggle. We have also all had the feeling where we are on top of the world, luck is on our side and life’s a breeze. This is flow.
When you become clear about what get’s you into flow, life becomes easier. Work becomes more enjoyable, and time passes quicker. You have a feeling of contribution, and you are appreciated more by those around you.
You will leave the event with a completely new outlook on the current work you do, and how you can increase your effectiveness……whether that is as an employee, or within your own business.

  • Identify what things really make you ‘tick’ and why you should start doing more of this
  • Recall the activities that actually give you the most pleasure which you have increasingly neglected over the years (be mindful if you’re bringing a partner!)
  • Provide you with a clear direction towards the type of business you should be considering in order to generate more income and / or Escape The Rat Race.
  • Identify the types of people you will need to align with in order for you to build a successful team (great for employees to understand, this will give you REAL ammunition when you head into the office the next day!)
  • Remove all of the sh*t tasks from your daily / weekly schedule that you dread doing and always put off for as long as possible.
  • Identify which of the 8 Entrepreneurial Profiles (below) YOU might fit into, WHY this matters, and WHAT it means

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