If you’re an aspiring entrepreneur who is highly motivated and serious about taking action to escape the rat race within the next 12 -18 months, I’d love to hear from you. If you want to quit your 9-5 job, be your own boss, or even if you just want to keep your confidence and sanity throughout the entire process, then I’ve been through that same journey and I work with people every day who are on the same path as you.

I’m a career coach, a business mentor and a marketer….and if we end up working together I won’t simply focus on what you need to do to launch your business, but also why you’re doing this and how it fits into your overall life plan. My guess is that you want more freedom and to achieve financial independence, so It’s my job to help you to create your very own blueprint for achieving that. Once this first step is achieved, my role changes to that of holding you accountable to take consistent action on implementing that plan. I love doing this! And I love seeing my clients embracing this exciting challenge! One of my core skills is knowing when and who to connect people together with, which means that I will always be helping you to expand your professional network and leverage the knowledge of others who can help you to get results faster.

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I believe two key things you need to establish quickly when searching for someone to help you achieve the results you want is whether you like, trust and respect one another, and secondly that they can prove to you that they know exactly what the next few steps are that you need to take to get the specific result you desire. If what you see on this website gives you the feeling that I might be that right person for you, I’d be delighted to hear from you.

Starting a new business whilst still holding down a full time job and ensuring you’re not neglecting your family time, can leave you feeling exhausted, overwhelmed, frustrated…..and questioning if you’re ever going to make this work. In 2018 I launched the #ETRR Inner Circle Mastermind Group, the #1 accountability group in London for highly motivated professionals who are currently employed and want to start their own business.



Are you looking for someone to speak at one of your live events? I have been hosting my own monthly Meetup events in London since 2015 , sharing the stage with world-class international speakers and sharing my story, my ideas and my advice to many hundreds of frustrated employees and small business owners who are ready to break free of their 9-5 jobs and achieve more freedom through entrepreneurship.

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Would you like the freedom of being your own boss? If your goal is to be able to generate enough income from your own business and other assets each month that you no longer need to trade your time for money at a job, then you’re going to love my debut book! I share the process I followed to quit the rat race back in 2014, a simple 5 step formula which anybody can follow to get more clarity around how to start a business you love.

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Making the decision to embark on a new vocation, and to explore new opportunities can be daunting. Thankfully I have had the support of great mentors who helped guide me as I was transitioning from employee to business owner, and I now offer that same support to others who are ready to walk a similar path for the first time. Mentoring is personalised according to your requirements and desired outcome.

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Featuring Interviews with world famous entrepreneurs, marketing experts, personal development coaches and members of the #ETRR community – Escape The Rat Race Radio is where I ask the questions to help you to discover what the secrets are behind their success. I’m often a guest on other podcasts, if you’re a host and you would like me to share my story to your audience I’d be happy to receive your enquiry.

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See what Escape The Rat Race Members have to say about my events…

I first met Christian when he booked me to film one of his events. But I would soon become to understand that Christian has a genuine passion helping people reach there goals. After working for Christian for over 2 years I have taken part in his mentoring course. I would like to recommend Christian and can honestly say if you are looking to escape the 9 to 5. I would seriously consider going to a ETRR meetup.

Jason Gurr Producer/Director

I had the pleasure to meet Christian in November 2016 at one of his Escape The Rat Race meetups. I was so positively surprised by the meetup that I became a regular guest. Also, I've attended a whole day workshop organised by Christian and it was so packed with practical knowledge that the value I've got exceeded the ticket price multiple times.
In summary, I think Christian is genuinely trying to help other people. I would definitely recommend Christian to my close friends and I am looking forward to work with him again in the near future.

Marcin Lignowski Finance Analyst

I recently attended a Business Breakthrough Day hosted by Christian. I found it extremely useful in helping me to focus on my key skills and it has given me a much better idea of how I can grow my business in the future. I would recommend Christian and ETRR to anybody who is at a crossroads in terms of their career as he is very good at helping to clarify what direction you should be moving in.

Mark Percy Director at Primus Associates Ltd.

Christian is endeavoured to free people from the traditional, archaic concepts of saving money and to utilise it in a more efficient and effective way and helping to identify which path is right for them. I always found the meet-ups to be insightful, genuine and a great place to network. Whenever you’re stuck, Christian is the man to get you moving again.

Stefano Maestranzi Designer

I would highly recommend Christian Rodwell, as a Career Change Coach for New Business Startup Advice. As a client starting my entrepreneurial path I needed advice from a professional to see my business idea was viable, he informed me to research through various ways to see if I have a market, then provide a mission statement ,decide my avatar, the costs of my service to my client group and possibly looking at starting charitable organisation. Without his advice I would have not have considered all the options available including having a clear path to follow . The session has given even more enthusiasm to move forward. If you have a business idea and need an expert advice to move on to the next step contact Christian he goes the extra mile.

Evonne Duberry ESOL Teacher

I only had the Free consultation with Christian for around 40 minutes so I must be honest in saying that telephony is as far as I have worked with him so far. I wanted to learn more about expanding my business, reaching more clients, learning about marketing and business as I am a healer and server and these aspects have been left out of my overall design I suppose you could say, until now. Chris gave me some food for thought which I will certainly take away and begin implementing.

I gained new ideas which as I say I will now start using which I did not really consider in to the overall picture before.
I most appreciated Christians generosity of time and not feeling as though he was selling to me immediately and showing a genuine interest in me and what I am striving to do.

James Wood Therapeutic skills

I highly recommend speaking to Christian if you’re considering a career move. Christian helped me identify what I’m passionate about and opened my eyes to the possibilities of careers outside of the corporate world. Through his expertise in Wealth Dynamics profiling, he provided sound advice on ‘finding my flow’ in my work life. He has advised me on various aspects of business, from set-up to marketing on Facebook to finding useful collaborators.

Patrick McCay Founder at Street Science LTD

Christian is a visionary. An entrepreneur who sees an opportunity where others see obstacles. A hard working go getter with a winning attitude and a fun, positive person to have around.
Constantly and consistently developing himself in order to achieve his goals, his professional career goes from strength to strength and this is no accident, Christian is focused, motivated and never hesitates to give people a chance.
I'm glad to have Christian as a friend and predict an abundant future for him. 10/10 Highly recommended.

Lou Ribon Sales Business Development at Guesty

I've known Christian for 6 months now and his professionalism & enthusiasm for property always shines through, he's an expert in his field and really knows his stuff!

Dan Buchan Property Investor, Entrepreneur, and Public Speaker

I've been working with/mentored by Chris for just under a year now and have been really impressed with the passion he has for wanting to help people like myself who are interested in finding other possibilities outside of the typical 9-5 working environment.

For me, one of Chris' great skills is that he's able connect like minded people together and create relationships that add value to both sides.

So if you're looking to get into something out of/alongside the normal working environment then I would definitely recommend getting in touch with Chris or even better attending one of his meetup events with Escape The Rat Race.

Kel Ezekwe Helpdesk Engineer at Liquidnet

I joined Christian's ETRR Facebook group in early 2018. Shortly after that, I filled in a "contact us" form on his website and was pleasantly surprise when he responded in person. When we met up a few weeks later to discuss how we can create more value in the expanding ETRR community at large, it became immediately clear to why he is the success that he is in the field. I sought his advice on a number on issues from the practicalities of getting started in business to how one develops and sustains the optimal success mind set. He was able to cover the overarching points as well as deep-diving into some details in a timely and effective way. I walked away from our meeting feeling energised and inspired to move forward with some of my plans that had been lying dormant. He also gave me a challenge that felt tailor made; not too stretched but well outside my comfort zone. I recommend Christian to anyone thinking seriously about changing career. You will be in very good hands. Thank you Christian Rodwell.

Tolu Ola Falase Business Startup Coordinator | Coach | Speaker

Chris has assembled a community of like-minded people, mentors and coaches to help you become an entrepreneur. Whether you are looking to build a side-hustle for extra income or to quit your job and make a radical leap into entrepreneurship, Chris and his associates are a great resource you can use to make a plan and then execute on it. Chris is friendly, approachable and knowledgeable and understands that there are multiple paths you can choose to reach your goals.

Dr Gareth Thompson Founder Solve.Earth | Sustainability Entrepreneur | Clinician

I have been working with Chris for nearly two years now and would highly recommend him, his business and his community. I don’t think that I would be where I am today (running my own business on my terms) if it wasn’t for the ETRR team.

Chris himself, only wants to help and is always there in times of reassurance, his systems are simple yet effective, genuine and they work!

His community is so supportive, the Monthly meet ups are a good use of my time and I travel into London specifically for them, they are a great bunch on guys. All in all highly recommended if you are stuck in a rut and want a more fulfilling life!

Ian Luckett Growing Ambitious IT Consultancy Businesses using Straight Forward Strategies

I attended one of the workshops hosted by ETRR two months ago where I met Christian and learned more about what he does. I highly recommend working with him. He is very professional and friendly, he has great knowledge of business, coaching and mentoring and has helped to put me in touch with several people through his network. I feel that the short time I have been working with Christian so far has already been of tremendous value.

Richiko Olrichs Relationships Manager

A friend recommended me to attend Christian's Escape the Rat Race meetup in January 2017 and I was extremely happy at how welcoming and nurturing Christian and his colleagues were to me and shared my desire to be financially independent. Since then, I attend the meetups regularly as the speakers that come to the events are full of great advice and also are of assistance to anyone in their business at any stage. To this end I also attended Christian's Business Breakthrough Day and was delighted by the end of the day as I felt really ready to take the next step in my career,

Christian really wants you to succeed and gives you the confidence and knowledge to get where you want to be. Because of this, I have recommended other colleagues and friends to attend his events as I feel his guidance will be of great help to them. I look forward to working more with Christian very soon.

Joel Nicholls Office Manager at Deighton Pierce Glynn Ltd

Christian is really supportive and organises excellent talks and events to help you think in a more creative and self-sufficient way of starting a business and working on your own terms. I have benefitted greatly from these meetings and being connected with great experts. I also recommend his podcast

Sarah Jones Freelance PR & Communications Consultant l Helping high-fliers